Luminaire manufactured in galvanized steel and painted finishing in anthracite black (other colours optional, such as silver). Equiped with high efficiency MCOB LED of 30 W. Optionally available in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 . Designed to be fixed to WALL, COLUMN or CROSIER as it offers vertical and horizontal inlets for 60 mm tube. Advisable height of 6 to 10 m. CUSTOMIZATION: It permits to print the town brand in the luminaire.


  • Equipped with LED light, 30 W Citizen MCOB spistart
  • Luminic efficiency 100 lumen/W, 5500 K, 3000 lumen
  • Angle of light beam 110º
  • Light contamination factor lower than 1% (FHS < 1%)
  • Spotlight with aluminum shell with sealing degree IP 65 and tempered glass of 5 mm
  • Power source/drivers quality INVENTONICS 220 V
  • Service life of LED 50.000 hours. 5 years warranty

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